director / cinematographer



‘Golden Tripod’ for Cinematography  ACS National Awards ‘BHP -‘The Future’

GOLD for Cinematography 2012 ACS NSW Awards ‘BHP – The Future’

SILVER for Cinematography ACS Awards – Australian Nurses Federation’

Best short & Honourable Mention – Idyllwild intl festival of cinema ‘Moving Day*


Digital Magazine Awards “finalist’ Best Cinematography – “Sea Pool”

Best Visual effects St Kilda Film Festival – ‘Moving Day*

Official selection Palm Springs Film Festival – ‘Moving Day

Official selection Seattle Intl Film Festival – ‘Moving Day’

Official selection Montreal Film Festival – ‘Moving Day’

Best Originality – Seattle IntJ film Festival – ‘Moving Day’

Convergence Awards Best Cinematography – “Sea Pool”

The Global Awards “finalist” Tv Advertising – Medical Viagra “Elephant”

London International Advertising Awards “finalist Campaign  Xbox “Queue”, “Lift” & “Kettle”


CANNES “finalist” Career One “Car Park”


ATV AWARDS Best of Category Career One ‘Car Park’
ATV AWARDS Best of Category Taubmans ‘Three Colours Red’
ATV AWARDS Best of Category Casting EnergyAustralia ‘Short Man ll’

AXIS Awards Silver – CareerOne”CarPark “Bronze” Career One “Interview”


MADC Bronze Best 30 second TVC Holeproof Underdaks ‘Fairytale Wedding”
MADC Bronze Best 30 second TVC Jeans west “Laborious”

MADC Finalist Best 45 second TVC Holeproof Undendaks ‘Fairytale Wedding’
MADC Finalist Best 30 second TVC Jeans west ‘Mismatched Marrieds”


CUO Bronze Thredbo “Nagano”

AWARD Silver Thredbo “Nagano”

|Nl’ERNATlONAL TOURISM AWARDS “Best of Show“ Thredbo ‘Nagano’

Highly Commended Tourism: Travel “Thredbo “Taking the Piss“
Highly Commended Use of Humour “Thredbo “Gone Bush”

Best of Category Thredbo “BlowYour Own Horn”

ATV RETAIL Thredbo “Picture Perfect”

AXIS Silver Thredbo “Taking the Piss” “Gone Bush” “Granny Smith”
AXIS Bronze Thredbo “Snow Balls” “Blow Your Own Horn” “Picture Perfect”

BEST OF BATES Finalist Thredbo “Picture Perfect”

CUO Silver  Thredbo “Taking the Mickey”


AWARD  “Bronze” Thredbo ‘Taking the Mickey”
ATV AWARDS “Highly Commended Direction up to 30 seconds”
ATV AWARDS Daily Telegraph “Out in the Backyard”
ATV AWARDS”Highly Commended – Casting & Performance DailyTelegraph
ATV AWARDS Finalist up to 30 seconds “DailyTelegraph” Out in the Backyard”||